Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Today is the Day we go to the Zoo ...

Instead of a gift, each year my parents take the birthday child -- just that child, alone -- on a special weekend away.
This year was Boo's first time, and for months he had talked excitedly about his planned visit to the zoo.

On the first day they took a ride on the ferry, to the big city.

There they toured a submarine and warship at the Maritime Museum. Boo even had a chance to sit in the captain's chair, and lie in one of the sailor's bunks.
The hotel had a pool and spa on the roof, and the travellers made full use of it.

The next day they went to the zoo, where the seal show, petting zoo and tigers were the favourites.

While perched high above the zoo in the cablecar Boo announced "I just keep getting happier and happier!".

He arrived home later that day shiny eyed and bursting with stories of his adventures.
And the wonderful thing is, that Granny and Papa had shiny eyes, too.

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Anonymous said...

Reading your blog brought it all back to us and greatly increased our enjoyment of the weekend. Thanks. Dad & Mom