Thursday, 9 April 2009

An Easter Tree

While Easter is my favourite time of the year, I admit that when I lived in the northern hemisphere it had a special significance. For us in Australia, Easter falls at the start of autumn, when the cold is setting in and leaves start to colour to fall. The days are crisp, clear and beautiful -- but there's a feeling of endings, rather than beginnings. On the other side of the world, the emergence of the first green leaves and a rainbow of flowers heralds the joy of rebirth.

One German Easter tradition I keep each year is to make an Easter tree, where colourful eggs hang from twigs and branches. In colder climates they force forsythia or fruit twigs into blossom, but instead Boo and I nestled a vase of pink and purple flowers inside the basket, to brighten the arrangement.

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Southern Comfort said...

I am of German descent and I love your Easter tree. Beautiful!