Friday, 17 April 2009

Building a Treehouse

Axl and I began, by hoisting a wooden pallet into one of the huge she-oaks in Granny's garden. We tied it tightly to two large, overhanging branches, then showed the others our handiwork.
Grandpa, Jumps and Oliver had a few good ideas for improvements, and the treehouse gained another platform and a ladder.

Boo and cousin Nic loved overlooking as the construction was underway.

Oliver helped with the finishing touch -- a wooden railing covered with mesh, and a bucket on a rope to let down for supplies.

Cordelia arrived to holiday with us this afternoon, and the children rushed to show her their new abode. I fetched sandwiches and drinks, and the treehouse hosted its first children's picnic.


Davene said...

The first, but not last, picnic, I'm sure! Looks delightful. :)

Southern Comfort said...

You brought back memories of when my own kids had a tree house that their dad built. They had a trap door that they could go through to get up or down. So much fun, and memories.