Saturday, 18 April 2009

A Birthday Pary

According to Boo and Cordy, there is not only an official "horses' birthday", but also a special day for rabbits to celebrate turning a year older. So, today we held a party for Pinky White and Cottontail, who (I was informed by the kiddos) turned four and six years old, respectively.
The game began when we made invitations, then Boo and Cordy played "postman" and delivered the mail. Next a dozen cupcakes were baked, and once cool lovingly decorated in pink and green icing, and covered with sprinkles.

We strung up bunting and balloons, and the children set the table with cakes, biscuits and the guests of honour.

Papa was great fun, and bought each birthday girl a small sweetie (which the kids will eat after dinner), then led the guests in a few games.
Great fun for all!

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Mary Beth said...

I want to live at your house for a while! You guys do all the fun stuff.