Friday, 10 April 2009

Baking Buns

It wouldn't be Easter without homemade hot cross buns, and today Grandma came over to lend her expertise to baking day. Consumed with enthusiasm, Boo decided to make his own mixture, and wildly added sultana bran, flour, milk, eggs and sugar to his bowl. Grandma slipped in a few teaspoons of instant yeast, then showed Boo how to knead vigorously.

It wasn't long before the dough was ready to be shaped, and Boo helped pipe the crosses on top. Then half an hour in a hot oven, and soon we were enjoying fresh buns with a cup of tea.

Boo's experimental mixture rose to perfection, and he pronounced his buns to be "just delicious".

Perhaps a half cup of sultana bran is the "secret ingredient" for perfect hot-cross buns!
PS You'll find our bun recipe here.

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Desia said...

Happy belated 4th birthday to your cute (or should I start saying handsome instead of cute/pretty?!) boy. May he always bring you as much joy as he does now.
Happy Easter!