Friday, 5 September 2008

Opera Bouquets

My mother is a member of our little town's Country Women's Association, a group of energetic women who meet, bake and raise money for charity. Each year the CWA hosts an opera extravaganza in the village. Four accomplished singers fill the tiny village hall with their booming voices, and the audience listens in delight to famous arias and songs.
At intermission the ladies of the CWA circulate with trays piled high with cheese, fruit and biscuits, and wine is handed about. But the gourmet supper after the singing is for many people the highlight. Endless cups of tea and coffee are poured from steaming teapots, and everyone is plied with savoury bites and sweet treats until they can eat no more.
This year mum and I baked trays of slice, sausage rolls and pastry swirls, and spent a morning filling vases with fountains of flowers, all picked from our gardens, to place upon the tables in the dining hall.

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Lisa said...

When I'm a grandmother I want to be a member of the CWA — it sounds so fun!:-)