Friday, 26 September 2008

On Holiday

Today we're off to begin our holiday to Vanuatu. First stop is Aunty Margaret's house where we'll spend the night, and the cousins can play together while the grownups enjoy dinner (and I look through Maggie's wardrobe to see what I can take with me!). Then early (much too early!) tomorrow morning a taxi will take us to the airport to meet Granny, Papa and Boo's three big cousins.
Boo's fever-pitch with excitement -- he adores the 'big boys', loves the airplane, and can't wait to swim and splash all day long. Vanuatu is a wonderful place to visit, and the resort is perfect for children to explore.
We're planning plenty of swimming, snorkelling, canoeing, lazing, eating and sleeping (that last one sounds good to me!)
See you soon!


Desia said...

Enjoy, and come back rested and refreshed!

Beck said...

Have a safe trip and HAVE FUN!