Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Homemade strawberry jam on rye toast looks perfect atop a darling handpainted plate bought at the church fete for 50c.

A blue sky and sun shining through the new leaves.
The morning spent busily cleaning and cooking (a savoury impossible pie for Grandma's Tuesday suppertime visit: while the others are out at a tabletennis competition we curl up and watch an episode of Wendy Craig's Nanny, once Boo has been put to bed.)
Then a picnic lunch outside with Boo curled in a soft blanket against the wind, and a happy half-hour together counting and sticking pictures and stickers in his workbook.


sharilyn said...

did they have 'bat a rat' at your fete? i must admit i had no idea what a 'fete' was, so i googled it. it sounds like it is a good time! and the jam sounds just tasty!! mmm. : )

Janna said...

That toast and jam looks so good. It's nearly five-thirty in the afternoon, but now I feel like eating breakfast. :D