Thursday, 18 September 2008

King of the Clover

Grandma's front lawn is overrun with a luxuriant green mass of clover, covered in armfuls of upstanding white flowers and visited by hosts of buzzing bees.
Sadly, the clover will be facing the noxious fumes of weed killer on the weekend, so this afternoon Boo and I plonked ourselves in the middle of this glory, intending to look for four-leafed clovers.
However, despite the incentive of a 20c reward for each lucky charm, Boo soon decided that running from a distance and throwing himself bodily into the soft mass of greenery was much more fun.
And then he anointed himself as "King of the Clover". Which of course necessitated a crown.

I hereby anoint you "King of the Clover" ...

... and lord of my heart!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

What a sweet boy! Clover is so pretty I wouldn't mind having a lawn full of it.

Desia said...

I once tried to have a "natural" lawn, not sod (we had a very small front yard then) and some of the "grass"cover was clover. It grew lovely for one year,all kinds of little flowers etc and we used a push-mower to cut it, but unfortunately in this deep freeze it didn't survive the following winter.