Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Birthday Flowers

I'm an April baby -- and to my delight this pretty vintage tablecloth declares my birth flower to be a sweet pea (a flower with the most heavenly scent!), and my stone to be a diamond.
January claims the carnation and garnet, February the violet (strangely portrayed in a vivid red hue) and amethyst, and March the jonquil and bloodstone . May babies are born under a lily of the valley, with emeralds to adorn them. June is the rose and the pearl (marking this tablecloth as distinctly based in the northern hemisphere, as we'd be lucky to see a June rose down here). July belongs to the larkspure and ruby, August to the poppy and sardonyx, and September to asters and sapphires (which is, incidentally, the stone I chose for my engagement ring). October is the month for calendulas and opals (both which I dislike, so I'm fortunate not to have been born then) and November for chrysanthymums and the topaz. Finally in December the turquoise and narcissus come to the fore.
Quite a bit of fun on this for the paltry sum of a 50c donation to the church fete.
What's your birth flower? And is it one of your favourites?

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Mrs. Bonnie said...

Mine is a jonquil, and yes I do like it! We also have violets, larkspur, and if baby comes when she's supposed to, narcisis. I love them all!