Saturday, 15 March 2008

My Day

Little Jenny Wren has proposed "A Day In My Life" project, and has invited each of us to post a daily diary on the 14th of each month. So here is my day (yesterday) for this month.
Boo and I slept late curled up in bed together (so late that Jumps left for work without bringing my usual a cup of tea in bed!), since we'd been up at 4am to strip the bed that poor Boo wet during the night. I take all the blame: the poor sausage had been put to sleep without a nappy!
After a cuddle and play in bed, it was time to get up, put on the (very full) washing machine and spend a few minutes making beds and putting away last night's clean dishes stacked on the sink.
Next we dressed and breakfasted, then wandered through the long green grass of the field to let the chickens into their daytime pen. Only three eggs today: one of our chickenswas traumatised by a visit to the vet and won't lay (I'm still in shock fromthe bill ... and by the fact that I took a $13 chicken to the vet because we were all too squeamish to use the chopping block and axe!).

Then it was time for Boo to transform into Buzz Lightyear and turn the garden swing into a spaceship, while I hung out the washing in the beautiful summer morning.

Back in to vacuum and mop the floors while Boo watched Playschool, then we dressed and left for a morning at the village Playgroup. Here Boo spent two happy hours rushing about with his small friends, while I ate far too much homemade chocolate cake and drank tea while chatting to the other mothers.
Home to sandwiches for lunch and an episode of Blinky Bill for Boo while I finished up yesterday's ironing and put onion, carrot, garlic, celery, potatos, chickpeas and ham bones into a pot for tonight's dinner.
Then into the garden for afternoon tea and a chance for the chickens to roam while we watched them, and Boo sunbathed (nude!) in the garden.

Next, we brought the washing in and I spent a few minutes tidying up. Finally a trip to the local shops to pick up a few bits and pieces (including a fragrant wedge of half-price camembert, and a sale-priced block of marinated tofu), and to enjoy a view of our emerald countryside glowing in the evening light.

Chickpea and smoked ham soup for dinner, then it was time for Boo to be put to bed. Once he was asleep I set the breakfast table, tidied up in the kitchen and picked up toys from the floors, then a flick through the horrible television programs before deciding on an early bedtime to read borrowed copies of Martha Stewart 'Kids' before sleep.

So a happy, homey day -- just the way I like it!


My Inspired Heart said...

Sounds like a wonderful day...just the kind I like, as well. :)

Beck said...

What an idyllic day - and enchanting photos, as always.

Amongst The Oaks said...

My babies used that same bunny bowl too. It is safely stored in the cedar chest with their other baby stuff.
I'm taggin you for 7 things about yourself. See my blog for the rules.
Hugs, Laura

Lisa said...

What a great day---and great photos to prove it!!

Mrs. Bonnie said...

It is a nice homey sounding day! I was wishing I was there...

moey said...

Fantastic day! I've had the thought to join you wonderful ladies documenting your days, but I just can't until the sun comes out. We are still in mental hibernation.