Friday, 22 February 2008

'Eric' the Chicken

Actually, I can't say for sure that this is Eric, as we can't really tell our four chickens apart. But, since 'Eric' is the only chicken with a name, they may as well all be Eric, which means the title of this post is essentially true. Somehow they don't really need names; they are a group, collectively named 'the girls'.


Deebsnomore said...

They are such lovely looking chickens. Heather named all her chickens, I think it is a great idea giving them names.

Davene said...

OK, dear Morning, I have an impossible task in front of me: to catch up on your blog from all the time I got behind in it before, during, and after Tobin's birth. If only you didn't post so much! Then my job would be easier!!! :)

Anyway, this post cracked me up. So "Eric" is one of "the girls?" Hilarious! Does "Eric" lay a lot of eggs? :)