Monday, 11 February 2008

Loved to Bits

Boo adores our chickens -- and so do I!
Our fat, friendly brown hens lay four eggs almost every day. At the moment my parents are visiting Lord Howe Island for a week (birdwatching), so we'll have almost 30 eggs to use up in one household this week! Luckily the neighbours are more than happy to help out, and all agree that our free-range eggs are much nicer than those bought at the supermarket (and nicer for the hens, too!).
Never having owned any birds before, I had no idea how marvellously friendly and charming they would be. And while even in my besotted state I can't claim that the girls are 'clever', they're not ridiculously stupid, either, and will come hurridly when I call, whatever they are doing.
On our afternoon jaunts around the garden Boo and I are generally followed by our small flock, who watch our every move with interest. They soon cluster around anyone who is gardening or digging, and can dig like puppies themselves, throwing up huge mounds of dirt and leaves.
Of course, this behaviour isn't popular in well-presented flower beds, so soon the girls will have a roomy fenced in area of their own, where they can dig as they please.
But for now Boo and I are enjoying our four companions who join us on afternoon walks.


Mrs. Bonnie said...

I am going to try and convince DH we need some chickens this spring-egg prices are crazy over here!
We had them while growing up, and chickens definately have personality! what kind do you have? They look like what we call Rhode Island Reds.

Carrie said...


Your countryside just makes me want to jump in and run through it!
Add sweet Boo, and chickens and it makes it all the better..
Thank you for this sweet blog, Morning.


Beck said...

Your blog has the prettiest pictures in the world.
And i've always found chickens quite nice, too.